Where to eat in Budapest

Where to eat in Budapest

Hungarian cuisine is typically seasoned with spices, especially paprika. The helpings are normally large and filling and the prices are normally cheaper than other European capitals. 

Hungarian cuisine is typically seasoned with various spices, especially paprika. The helpings are normally quite large and filling and the restaurant prices are normally less expensive than in other European capital cities. 

Budapest's Traditional dishes

Meat is the main ingredient in Hungary and it's usually served with onion and paprika. If you like wine, there are several Hungarian wines that we recommend you try like Villány, Eger, and Szekszárd.

Goulash soup is the country’s most famous dish. Goulash is a stew or soup of meat and vegetables flavored with paprika and other spices.

Fast food

If you would like to have something quick to eat, there are several fast-food restaurants that serve international cuisine. Moreover, if you like pizza, there are several pizzerias that sell large takeaway pizzas for less than 1,000 Ft (US$ 2.80).

Best restaurants in Budapest

Although Budapest has plenty of delicious restaurants, the following are some of our favorites:

  • MenzaLiszt Ferenc tér 2.
    This is one of the trendiest restaurants in Budapest. It has a lovely terrace during the summer, its prices are not very expensive, it's beautifully decorated with a modern touch and mixes contemporary and traditional Hungarian cuisine.
  • Spoon Cafe & Lounge, Vigadó Tér.
    Anchored at the foot of Chain Bridge on the Pest bank and with an impressive view of the Buda Castle is a boat restaurant called Spoon. It's one of the most luxurious restaurants in Budapest. A meal without ordering wine costs a minimum of 5,000 Ft (US$ 13.90) per person. If you book in advance, you can get a table with the best views over the Danube.

Apart from the two restaurants mentioned previously, there are also good restaurants in Liszt Ferenc tér (where Menza is located). This area is also extremely lively at nighttime and many bars have terraces that are open all year round. In winter, they have heaters and give their clients blankets.   

Cruises with lunch or dinner

Budapest, like many other capital cities with important rivers such as London, Paris, and Lisbon offers day or evening cruises that include lunch or dinner. The perk about taking a cruise down the Danube river is that it's much cheaper than other cities.

And after lunch?

After a nice meal, we recommend going to one of Budapest’s renowned cafés or bakeries.