Budapest Museums

Having got to know the parks and gardens, visited its churches and monuments, relaxed in its baths and gone to a concert, it's time for the city's museum, some of which are sure to surprise you.

Our 3 favourite muesums

Museum of Fine Arts Budapest

Inaugurated by Franz Joseph I of Austria in 1906, the Museum of Fine Arts is one of the most popular museums in Budapest.

Holocaust Memorial Centre

The Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest commemorates the more than half a million Hungarian Jews that were victims of the Holocaust.

Hungarian National Museum

The Hungarian National Museum houses, preserves and displays Hungary’s most important collection of historical relics from prehistory to the present day.

Other interesting museums in Budapest

Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

The Museum of Applied Arts is located in a beautiful Hungarian Art Nouveau building. It is remarkable both on the inside and outside.

Museum of Ethnography in Budapest

The Museum of Ethnography in Budapest (Néprajzi Múzeum) depicts the traditional Hungarian life and is housed in a remarkable building.

Budapest History Museum

The Budapest History Museum focuses on Budapest’s history from the Middle Ages to the present day. Its ruins are astonishing and well worth visiting.