Budapest HÉV suburban trains

Budapest HÉV suburban trains

Budapest’s HÉV suburban trains are the best way to get to the city’s outskirts and nearby towns from the historic center.

Most useful lines

Tourists usually use the city’s HÉV trains when they want to visit landmarks that are located in the outskirts, such as Aquincum, the ancient Roman city in Budapest. The line that includes a stop at Aquincum runs from Batthyány tér to Szentendre.

The suburban line that runs from Örs Vezér tere to Gödöllo is also popular among visitors, since it stops at Gödöllo, a small Baroque village that houses a beautiful Royal Palace, called Gödöllo Palace, which is famous because it was one of Sisi’s (Elizabeth of Austria) favourite royal residences.

Schedule and frequency

The trains run every 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the time of day and the various lines. HÉV suburban trains run from 4:30 am to midnight every day. It has similar service times to other transport systems in Budapest. 


If you are not travelling very far from the city centre, you can use the same transport tickets and passes that are used on Budapest metro, trams and urban buses. However, if you want to go further out, you will need to pay a supplement.

You can purchases the tickets in any train station or on the train, since the inspector also sells the tickets on board.